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  Laser Teeth Whitening - FAQs
Cosmetic Dentists, Dr. Alex Tahalani answers on whitening......
Dr. Tahalani  

Q. How does laser teeth whitening work?

The reaon why teeth get darker with time, is the stains we accumalate. These stains come from all over the place; the things we drink, like tea and coffee, or red wine and the the foods we eat. Smoking is another big one. Laser Teeh Whitening works by using special gels which break up these stains and removes them from the natural pores of the teeth.

Q. I've heard that laser teeth whitening is bad for your teeth? Is that true?

Modern whitening isn't bad for the teeth, because the gels these days aren't acidic. We research the laser tooth whitening systems we use to make sure everything we do is perfectly safe.

Q. I smoke and drink a lot of red wine...is whitening for me?

Red wine and smoking are particularly notorious for causing staining and darkeing of the teeth, and whitening can be a great treatment. We often advise a clean or fresh breath treatment before laser teeth whitening. We can also provide products to help keep teeth white and breath fresh.

Q. Who can have laser teeth whitening?

Almost everyone can benefit from laser teeth whitening. There aren't any medical conditions as such that would prevent you from having tooth whitening, however, we would not usually carry out whitening on pregnant/lactating women, or young children.

Q. Is whitening uncomfortable?

Whitening can cause temporary sensitivity, similar to the kind of sensitivity you get when having really cold drinks.. Usually this lasts for a day or so, but we have some tricks to limit the sensitivity. We can often see areas which are going to be sensitive, and block these areas off.

Q. There are loads of types of laser teeth whitening available, what should I go for?

The fact that we offer so many different types is fantastic. It means we can tailor a laser tooth whitening package for you. The new WY10 system is great. Its comfortable, effective and we get fantastic whitening results. How many sessions you need depends how white you want you teeth!

Q. How white will my teeth go?

Again this depends on the number of sessions. It also depends on your teeth and how much enamel (the outer layer of teeth) you have.

Q. What's better, whitening or veneers?

Whitening will make your teeth whiter, but won't change the shape, position, or proportions of your teeth. Think of a dirty car. Cleaning it will make it look brighter, but at the end of the day you still have the same car. At our consultation we can discuss together what your goals are and work out whether whitening or veneers (smile makeover) are for you.

Q. Why is Yaletown the place to go for whitening?

As cosmetic dentists with expertise in lasers, we're constantly explore new systems and the best ways of getting optimal results. Our spa facility is designed for your comfort, with DVDs, music, and LCD flatscreen entertainment so you can enjoy your dental experience. We believe that whitening should be individually tailored, since no one system is for everyone and so spend time with you to figure out how we can get a brighter, more confident smile for you.

Q. Whats the science behind whitening?

In short, laser teeth whitening works by using lasers to activate whitening gels - this process releases oxygen ions which gently lift the stains off the teeth. How effective this whitening is, depends on the whitening gels, activators, the structure of the teeth, the time taken, and the technique used by the cosmetic dentist.



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